Escape Room

Inside Out the leading company in the field of escape rooms,
Specializing in technological and innovative escape rooms.
An unforgettable experience that connects and consolidates friends and family
and creates interpersonal experiences. Building exciting experiences and activating
thinking and acumen to work together. Reprogramming our brains to use our inner abilities and senses.

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Escape Room Squid Game

Inside Out’s new escape room is the most technological escape room in Israel and includes a variety of special effects. I’m sure you’ll be happy to enter it, but it’s not certain that you’ll get out of it… The room is not scary The room requires light physical activity, including climbing and bending over (no crawling)

Languages: Hebrew, English
(No Hebrew knowledge needed at all)

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Escape Room Operation Seal

You find yourselves in the last place you might expect on the face of the planet. It is early morning, the sun has not yet risen, and the water is freezing cold. From time to time, a big wave crashes on the bows of your rubber dinghy and water fills the boat – you take turns bailing with a pail. For a fraction of a second, you think about giving up and going home, but then, you take yourselves in hand — this is not just any ordinary mission. An entire nation is behind you, and waits anxiously for the results of the operation. They cound on you. Inside you, a mixture of stormy emotions — vitality, fear, and sea sickness. Will you succeed?

Style: Action | mission
Languages: Hebrew, English
(No Hebrew knowledge needed at all)

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Escape Room Money heist

Escape Room Money heist Insideout’s new room is going to surprise you…BIG TIME! Brace yourselves, you are about to rob the Royal Spanish Mint. The mistirious professor has been maticulesly planning this heist since he can remember down to the smallest of details, and has chosen you as his lucky heist crew. Are you up to the job? Can you handle the pressure? Can you pull it off without getting caught?? Time is running fast, and every minute counts, literally. A thrilling exciting experience full of surprises, that will keep you on your toes.

Style: Action
Languages: Hebrew, English
(No Hebrew knowledge needed at all)

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Escape Room Careto

You did not imagine that a routine trip to London, would insert you into the heart of a global drama. You haven’t seen the grey skies of the English capital for a very long time. You are buried deep in the hidden underworld battling a sophisticated and powerful force. This is a mission without any glory. Anonymity and secrecy are a precondition, and failure will bring disaster. It is them or us and the clock is ticking – will you get there on time? Will you know what to do, and will you act in the right way, at the critical moment?

Style: Suspense | Riddle
Languages: Hebrew, English
(No Hebrew knowledge needed at all)


Price per player

Participants Squid game Money Heist Careto Operation Seal
2 -- 190 ₪ 150 ₪ 150 ₪
3 -- 130 ₪ 120 ₪ 120 ₪
4 130 ₪ 130 ₪ 110 ₪ 110 ₪
5 120 ₪ 120 ₪ 100 ₪ 100 ₪
6 120 ₪ 120 ₪ 100 ₪ 100 ₪
+7 110 ₪ 110 ₪ 100 ₪ 100 ₪

10₪ discount for soldiers and students.
Credit card information is required to place an order
for a deposit of 100₪. (the card is not charged)

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