About Us

Our vision is connecting and forming friends and family and creating interpersonal experiences.
Building exciting experiences and activating thinking and sharp senses in order to work together.
Reprogramming our brains to use our inner abilities and senses. return the people to the people.


Creating interpersonal experiences

The rooms were built carefully and with special thinking in order to provide you with a personal and group experience and excitement. An experience that will make you feel like you are part of a realistic and wonderful movie. The activity connects the players and creates an exciting and solidifying interaction.
An hour of mutual, family or couple connection that you won't forget.

Activation of thinking and acuity of senses

At work we are required to be creative and find solutions to problems. Many times we look for the shortest and most efficient way to solve problems and face challenges at work. Tools of thinking differently and developing acuity give employees a significant advantage in managing projects and solving problems at work and in general.

Organizational in-depth work

Innovation takes place, almost always, in teams and not in individuals. An effective and focused team is a key element for the company's success. Team diversity and diversity creates interest and success and is an important engine for creativity and entrepreneurship in the work environment. The experience with us is accompanied by staff members who specialize in leveraging the experience for meaningful insights for the employees and the organization.

We know how to provide and give, from an experience to in-depth organizational work. From A to Z.
If you are interested in a particularly fascinating escape room, you should come to one of the elaborate rooms of the Inside Out chain.
The rooms are located nationwide in Ra’anana, Rosh Pina and Katsrin, and offer a variety of themes that will give you an unforgettable adventure on the way out.
one hour to leave the room escape rooms we provide, also known as escape rooms or escape rooms,
You will be required within one hour with teamwork to solve the challenging task and get out on time.
The main tool for cracking the way out is your mind and that of your fellow travelers, when with collaborations,
Brainstorming and creative thinking you can discover a variety of hidden clues, hidden objects and keys.