Birthdays In Escape Room

Birthday Celebrations

If you are looking for a special once-in-a-lifetime celebration,
Insideout has built you an event that they will not stop talking about.
You can enjoy escape rooms for the whole group, a special VIP room for celebrations and special activities
in our escape room complexes.
Our escape rooms are challenging, fun and suitable for both children and adults.

Large groups
10-45 players
Two hours

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Inside Out has extensive experience in producing birthdays and special events
and the escape rooms can be combined with additional activities.
So if you are interested in an unconventional birthday celebration, contact us and we will help you make it happen.

Birthdays are suitable for small and large groups and we adapt the level of difficulty of the rooms
and the nature of the activities to the age of the celebrants.

We take care to put the birthday children at the center and use tools that will promote them socially
and give them a sense of empowerment, leadership and leadership.

Balloons and Birthday accessories
Snacks, pizzas and soft drinks
Birthday boy at the center
Suitable for children at any age
Huge screen with connection to YouTube
VIP room for a birthday celebration

So if you're interested in an unconventional birthday celebration,

Call for more details
for schedule event : 055-727-5335 (Phone answer 20:00 - 12:00) whatsapp

Call for more details:
055-727-5335 Phone Whatsapp
(Phone answer 20:00 - 12:00)

Or leave details and we will get back to you